Polystyrene Cool Boxes

Need an affordable way to store fresh food? Polystyrene cool boxes are the perfect solution for all of your cold storage needs. Whether you're storing fresh fish, meat or vegetables, polystyrene is affordable, hygienic, with excellent insular qualities. Our cool boxes come in a huge range of sizes, from small enough for a single sardine through to large enough for a shoal of swordfish! The bodies and lids of our polystyrene boxes lock together without the need for adhesive. Order custom sized cool boxes to suit your needs, or choose from the different shapes and sizes we are able to supply from stock – please see the table below.

About our cool boxes

At Expanded Polystyrene Supplies, we specialise in supplying a cost-effective solution for shipping all times of products – from live tropical fish to organic fruit and fresh meat. Ship without solid polystyrene shipping containers or plastic boxes which are expensive and bulky. Our clients have used them to ship a wide variety of items. Their 30mm thick polystyrene walls make them strong and reduces the risk of damaged products.

Our flat pack polystyrene cool boxes are delivered unassembled. This reduces storage space by 70% and this makes them strong, affordable and versatile. The Corrugated Cardboard used for our surrounding boxes is made from renewable resources, so its environmentally friendly, being recyclable and ultimately biodegradable.

Optionally, our polystyrene boxes can be lined for additional protection in transit. Have us design a polystyrene cool box for you, or send us a sample of your current box and we can manufacture custom pads to fit. Established in 1970, we have decades of experience working with businesses and food suppliers. Our experience means we are confident of helping you to protect your goods.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us for a wide range of custom built boxes to suit your needs.