Polystyrene Coatings

EPS can create a range of attractive polystyrene coatings to make your signage or sculptures stand out! Glitter is a finish that is often requested by our customers for displays, models, lettering, and so on. These polystyrene coatings come in a variety of colours giving your polystyrene product a brilliant sparkle in addition to an eye-catching shine.

Available coatings

We can produce a number of coating effects, including:

Painted polystyrene

We can also paint polystyrene in any colour(s) you like, specified to give your model, exhibition stand or other polystyrene products a professional appearance. Painting polystyrene can totally transform the way it looks, as well as making it weatherproof and adding surface strength. Coated polystyrene is a worthwhile investment, and a standard finish on many of our products. Choose the polystyrene coatings that achieve the appearance you need.

Acrylic sheet coatings

For a truly professional looking product, not much comes close to the finish given with acrylic sheet. This is pre-cut to the desired shape and applied to the surface of the polystyrene. This coating is available in a multitude of colours and mirror finishes. It's not a cheap coating, but then the best rarely is!