Polystyrene Mouldings

Moulded polystyrene is an excellent alternative to traditional moulding solutions. Polystyrene is affordable and light, and can be customized if one of our standard options doesn't meet your requirements. A wide variety of moulded polystyrene shapes are available at EPS. For instance, we can supply or custom-make polystyrene corner protectors for valuable or fragile goods. Alternatively, use expanded polystyrene to produce the 3D shapes that would previously have required expensive plastic injection moulding.

Advantages for polystyrene mouldings

Expanded polystyrene offers excellent protective qualities and impact resistance for such a lightweight material. Because it can be moulded to your exact specifications, you can tailor it to protect the most vulnerable areas of a product, but with gaps to allow room where protection is not needed (e.g., dials and controls which stick out of a device). Polystyrene mouldings are ideal for goods in transit, and very cost effective.

For moulded polystyrene, and all other products made from this versatile material, call EPS today. See examples of our previous projects in the Photo Gallery section of this website.