Polystyrene Display Props

Need unique shop window displays to entice customers into your retail store? We can create incredible polystyrene display props at EPS. We are proud to offer the highest level of customer service to our clients. We have created custom polystyrene shop displays for customers throughout the UK. Our standard retail display props include decorative items such as:

If you need a 2.5 metre model of your latest mini-calculator, we're here to help. Got to have a T-Rex on your next exhibition stand? Don't call the British Museum, call Expanded Polystyrene Supplies! Let your imagination run wild, and trust us to bring your ideas to life with a unique polystyrene display prop! At EPS we custom manufacture retail polystyrene props and displays to your specific requirements. Our retail props are made from expanded polystyrene, which is lightweight and flame retardant. These properties make them a very safe and cost-effective way to create an everlasting display.

EPS: the polystyrene prop specialist

EPS is the leading manufacturer of retail polystyrene props and other polystyrene products in the South of England. We have been operating since 1970. We are confident that, regardless of your requirements, we can accommodate and exceed your expectations. Contact us to discuss the display props you need today.