Fresh Food Cool Boxes

Polystyrene fresh food cool boxes are the perfect solution for all of your cold storage needs. The polystyrene boxes lock together without the need for adhesive. Our custom cool boxes are available in many different shapes and sizes.

- Custom cool boxes with fitted lids
- Flat packed insulated cartons
- 30mm Wall thickness
- Wide range of moulded polystyrene boxes
- The cardboard carton is included with all of our cool boxes.

Our custom polystyrene boxes can also be lined for additional protection in transit. Have us custom design a box for you, or send us a sample of your current box and we can manufacture custom polystyrene pads to fit. Our flat-pack cool boxes are compact when delivered, reducing storage space. Also known as thermal boxes, these cool boxes can be used to ship a wide variety of items. Our clients have used them,to ship everything from live tropical fish to organic fruit and fresh meat. Contact us today to discuss your polystyrene box needs

92 X 67 X 42mm FPR01(30)
92 X 92 X 92mm FPR14(30)
143 X 143 X 143mm FPR15(30)
169 X 92 X 92mm FPR02(30)
169 X 169 X 92mm FPR03(30)
245 X 169 X 92mm FPR04(30)
245 X 169 X 169mm FPR05(30)
245 X 169 X 257mm FPR16(30)
245 X 245 X 245mm FPR12(30)
397 X 245 X 42mm FPR07(30)
397 X 245 X 92mm FPR11(30)
397 X 197 X 245mm FPR08(30)
398 X 245 X 194mm FPR25(30)
398 X 296 X 296mm FPR26(30)
550 X 397 X 397mm FPR10(30)
560 X 296 X 118mm FPR13(30)