Architectural Mouldings

EPS specialises in creating custom architectural mouldings. Oversized logos and other mouldings must be light, easily handled, and safe to mount on walls or other architectural features, making polystyrene an excellent choice for your next project.

Recently we manufactured the Arsenal logo for use on the apartments at Highbury Stadium. We created the huge 4 metres x 2.4 metres logo out of polystyrene, and coated it with 2-pack epoxy resin to render it totally weatherproof, before painting it in the client's coordinating colours. As you can see in the photos, it looks great and was easy to install. Contact us to make plans for your next architectural accent!


O2 Projection Screen

Working closely with the engineers at the 02 Arena, we recently produced an enormous projection screen, consisting of dozens of accurately contoured polystyrene blocks fitted together, much like a jig-saw puzzle, to form a single smooth surface. The reason for using polystyrene was the prohibitive weight of alternative materials. We are proud to say everything was completed to this major venue's total satisfaction, and the end result looks great. The size of your project is never a problem for us. Let us help you create a custom solution for your challenging project.