• Polystyrene Shapes from Expanded Polystyrene Supplies
    Polystyrene Shapes

    We can create almost any shapes from Polystyrene, either from existing CAD drawings or by our in house drawing team.

  • Christmas Display from Expanded Polystyrene Supplies
    Christmas Displays

    Christmas is our favourite time of year here at EPS. We get to create some really exciting displays.

  • Retail Props from Expanded Polystyrene Supplies
    Retail Display

    Polystyrene is fantastic for visual merchandising, it's lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and install.

  • Polystyrene Coatings from Expanded Polystyrene Supplies
    Coated Polystyrene

    We can cover polystyrene in many different materials, paint, acrylic, glitter, to name a few.

Architectural Mouldings

Polystyrene isn't just packaging: we've made large scale building installations for Arsenal's Highbury Stadium and the O2 Arena.

Polystyrene Cool Boxes

Our cool boxes make excellent insulated food containers, providing great insulation for temperature sensitive products in transit.

Retail Props

Expanded Polystyrene Supplies make retail displays and exhibition stands for household name retailers and businesses.

Expanded Polystyrene Supplies - Polystyrene Suppliers in Newhaven

Expanded Polystyrene Supplies will celebrate 45 years as one of the UK's leading polystyrene suppliers in 2015. We have been producing some amazing and unique products using polystyrene, acting as supplier to a range of clients large and small. Perhaps our biggest claim to fame is supplying many of the polystyrene store decorations for a very famous Knightsbridge department store.

We are located by the port of Newhaven in the South East, a short distance from Brighton. Our products range from simple polystyrene packaging, film props and decorative items right through to industrial containers and wedding columns. Exciting things have been happening at Expanded Polystyrene Supplies over the last few years. We have introduced many more products and services and invested heavily in new machinery and technologies. We are leading polystyrene suppliers, able to provide a comprehensive range of quality products.

If you’re looking for any type of polystyrene, you’re in the right place. See our list of products and services, and if you need to ask a question then send us an enquiry or call our team who will be happy to help. We look forward to becoming your polystyrene supplier of choice!

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